The Tracks

Widely regarded as some of the best off-road tracks in Britain

At Coniston Off-Road Centre, there are over three miles of purpose-built tracks, ranging from gentle gravel ascents to steep side slopes to deeply rutted descents.

Holistically, the tracks represent a wide range of terrain. Drivers can become familiar with a new vehicle on predictable, stable hard tracks, or take the opportunity to put a particular vehicle through its paces and tackle some of our specially-designed off-road obstacles.

Spread over three primary off-road ‘Zones’, the Centre can provide a base for the demonstration of every vehicle on the 4×4 spectrum.

Zone 1 houses tracks and obstacles that are uniquely designed to be accessible to any vehicle in the small AWD SUV segment, such as the Jaguar E-Pace or Skoda Yeti.

Zone 2 is the Centre’s showpiece, an off-road playground laid across the natural geography of a narrow valley that is home to a true variety of challenges.

Zone 3 houses deep inverted moguls, perfect for axle-articulation demos, as well as long, rough gravel ascents that put mechanical grip to the test.