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A look back on summer 2018, Part 1.

It is with a certain degree of melancholy, I find myself looking back through the picture library for some up and coming literature for our clients (watch this space). And that got me to thinking about some of the highlights we have had here at Coniston Off-Road this year, and naturally, I thought it would be nice to share some of these with you.

Firstly I would like to share some serious ‘Staff Development’ that has been undertaken. You know, goals, SMART targets and all that type of jazz… OK, in truth our BORDA specialist trainer Martin found himself on a rather special trip to the Rubicon Trail, California. For those of you that have not heard of it, it’s a pretty incredible place.

Jeep - Rubicon Trail, California


So much so that Jeep decided to name a specification of the famous Wrangler after it. And from the pictures he brought back, it would seem it has earnt every little bit of that remarkable reputation. Although reports of the accommodation vary, apparently the view from the bed is a little bit special.

‘Slight’ modifications mean these Jeep Wranglers are able to crawl and creep over rocks the size of your Fiat 500. And that’s not even the half of it. 33 inch tyres and 2.5inches of extra lift, combined with world-class axel articulation and gear ratios set slower than Brexit negations means you can do things like this…

And I don’t care how old you are, its pictures like this that all of a sudden make you feel 10 again. I for one want to chuck on my Indiana Jones satchel and run off into the wilds to explore.

After 3 full days of driving, you will have covered just 13 miles and banked a whole heap of unforgettable memories. Thankfully, Martin is now back with us in the Centre and has swapped his shorts for Long John’s. He has also brought back a wealth of experience for all our clients, and also many ideas for even more track development!

I suppose the next question should be, where too next? Well, let me tell you – There are many pins in the map and a whole lot of ideas being thrown around the office. So follow our Instagram @Conistonoffroad to keep up with our adventures.

And finally, if you think something like this is for you, please get in touch. Pick our brains. Ask as many questions as you can think of. Because here at Coniston Off-Road, this is not just a job for us. It’s our passion, and we would love to share it with you. So for all things Off-Road, be it a first time experience, professional training or an expedition preparation day get in touch with us today.