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Say ‘hello’ to our new ATVs

If you’ve been down to see us in the past couple of months, you will know we’ve had a couple of changes to the fleet. Most notable is the exit of the long-standing Kubota RTVs, and the delivery of two brand new John Deere Gators.



The beauty of being an independent centre is that we have the opportunity to try different vehicles from different manufacturers, and this is just an example of that. Kubota’s RTV is a great little machine, but it’s time for something new.

And as they say, change is good!



There were other options, of course [Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki for example], and it may be the case we try something else again in the future, but for the next year or so, it is the Gator that will fulfil ATV duties for the Centre.

Not all ATVs are created equal, and a Gator is quite a different beast to the RTV. First off, where Kubota’s RTV uses a hydrostatic transmission, John Deere’s Gator uses a continuously variable transmission – also known as a CVT.

This means the Gator has a different character, and requires a slightly different approach to driving. Maintaining just a touch of throttle on descents keeps the transmission engaged and prevents runaway, and a wider tyre on the rear gives impressive grip in tough situations.



It’s still a four-seat vehicle, just as the Kubota RTV1140 is, and features selectable 4WD and high/low range for a wide range of applications.

As the resident ATVs, we’ll continue to use the Gators for our popular Junior Off-Road Driving Experience, as well as on our equally-popular Blindfold Driving Challenge, a big hit with small corporate groups.

It’ll also be available as a vehicle for use on any ‘adult’ driving experience too, so if you’ve got a driving licence, and you’d like to spend an hour getting to know John Deere’s answer to the all-terrain vehicle, get yourself booked in.