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Shogun Sport hits UK shores

Mitsubishi are back with their latest interpretation of a capable full-size off-roader, as the all-new Shogun Sport arrives in the UK.


This new flagship vehicle from MMC promises true off-road ability in a package that remains appealing to those needing the space and versatility of a large SUV.

The Shogun Sport will be powered by an all-aluminium 2.4-litre diesel unit, married to an eight-speed auto box that’s exclusive to this particular Mitsubishi. There’s also Mitsubishi’s Super Select II system, plus a rear differential lock for those tricky off-highway situations.



Mitsubishi themselves claim this is a “flagship off-road vehicle”, and promise a unique experience of luxurious on-road dynamics blended with “exemplary” off-road performance.

If you’re familiar with our fleet, you’ll know we’re proud to have had an L200 Barbarian with us for the past couple of years. It’s a capable off-roader especially in the context of what it’s designed to be, but the five-speed auto and leaf-sprung rear axle can have their drawbacks.



For us, this new Shogun Sport comes with a decent amount of promise. Full-size, comfortable, capable away from the road. It’s certainly a vehicle we’ll have on our radar as we look to expand the fleet over the next year or so.


For more information, and for information from the horse’s mouth, it’s best to hit up Mitsubishi’s official site. There’s full tech specs, interior imagery, and, of course, prices.