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Navara AT32 is announced at CV Show 2018

Nissan have boarded the beefy off-roader train, next stop Arctic Trucks.



A new Navara variant – the AT32 – has been unveiled at the 2018 Commercial Vehicle Show at The NEC in Birmingham.

To give the pick-up its full title, the Nissan Navara OFF-ROADER AT32 [their caps, not ours], promises to be the toughest and most capable Navara ever to come out of Nissan.



If you haven’t guessed already, the AT32 marks a new partnership between the Japanese company and Arctic Trucks, the renowned Icelandic off-roaders.

Just like other AT-prefixed vehicles in the Arctic Trucks stable, this AT32 benefits from bespoke suspension, full underbody protection, and large off-road tyres.

There are visual enhancements too, of course. Who doesn’t want fatter wheel arches?



The Navara isn’t a vehicle we’ve had a lot of dealings with here at the Centre, but we’ve heard mostly good things, and with the improvements Arctic Trucks make, this will be one mean off-roader.